BS 1100L / BS 1350L

Automatic pressure boosting set 24L

Automatic pressure boosting set 24L

BS 1100L / BS 1350L

Domestic water systems are designed to pump rain and process water and serve to pump water from tanks, ponds, streams and wells for water supply, irrigation, sprinkling and spraying in domestic applications. A direct connection to the public drinking water net - work for drinking water supply is not permissible. Self-priming pumps are used, depending on the application. Booster sets can evacuate air from the inlet pipe via air extraction technology. As a result, they are suitable for pumping from vessels in lower positions (e.g. from a well or cistern).

Permitted fluids:

• Water without any solids or settling sediments (process water, refrigerating water, cooling water and rainwater)

Use with other fluids or additives requires approval.

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